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Newcastle Presbyterian

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UPDATE: 24th June 2020
We are slowly but surely trying to get back to meeting together physically.
As many of you would know, there are still restrictions that we need to follow including the 4sqm rule. This means that for the time being we will need to continue to meet on Zoom for the Mayfield afternoon congregation as we just don’t have the space requirements. Of course anyone is welcome to join us on Zoom, especially those who would prefer not to venture out too far.

In the mornings we are going to alternate between 8.30am Mayfield and 10am Civic Park.
For the next 5 weeks it will look like this:

28th June: 8.30am Mayfield only
(followed by the Mayfield Annual General Meeting).
5th July: 10am Civic Park only
12th July: 8.30am Mayfield only
19th July: 10am Civic Park only
26th July: 8.30am Mayfield only.

Newcastle Presbyterian Church is three churches, one based in the city and two based at Mayfield. What our three churches share is a deep commitment to the biblical account about Jesus Christ. We love that story and it’s our hope that you'll join us and love it too. 


NPCP | Civic Park | 10am church (traditional)

If there’s a word that describes our 10.00am church it’s “reflect.” It is for those who like to quietly ponder the great truths about Jesus, who appreciate some of the older forms of worship. If you love hymns and the pipe organ, this is a great church family for you.


MPC | Mayfield | 8.30am church (traditional)

8.30am is a more reflective and traditional style of church for those who appreciate older hymns. We are a quiet gathering who hear God's word, sing and pray together. Afterwards we enjoy morning tea together.

MPC | Mayfield | 4.30pm church (contemporary)

This church is about family and embracing people from all ages and stages, families with little ones, teens, single or newly married, old and young. A church that connects across the generations and values being together more than it values style.

Join us

We'd love to see you at one of our churches this Sunday.

You can also find us on 


Minister: Tim Ravenhall
Ph: 0490 035 436
Email: minister@newcastlepresbyterian.org.au

Session Clerk: Lindsay Paterson
Ph: 0419 684 587
Email: session.clerk@newcastlepresbyterian.org.au

Church and Hall Bookings: Chris Campbell
Ph: 0412 814 939
Email: bookings@newcastlepresbyterian.org.au

Phone: 4929 2857
Email: office@newcastlepresbyterian.org.au

PO Box 1876
Newcastle 2300