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Weddings at Newcastle Presbyterian Civic Park

We would be delighted to discuss with you the possibility of conducting your wedding at Newcastle Presbyterian Church, Civic Park. If you are considering this, this page is intended to help you decide if this is the right place to hold your wedding. Getting married here will mean the service will be conducted according to the rites of the Presbyterian Church of Australia. Anything that happens in the service (including songs, readings etc.) must fit in with these. For that reason the service might not be quite as flexible as if you were getting married in a park or at the beach with a celebrant.

If you’d like to go ahead with booking in a wedding, come along to the Sunday service and meet afterwards with Tim, our Minister.

Cost (as of July 2022)

The total cost is $1290. This is a full service, all inclusive cost, covering marriage preparation, a rehersal, use of the building, the services of our minister and other church staff,  sound support and all the less exciting behind the scenes things like paperwork and certificates etc. 

$300 Church building hire
$350 Minister: preparation, pre-wedding meetings, rehearsal and wedding day
$200  Cleaning, before and after wedding
$160 Verger, for rehearsal and wedding day
$180 Organist, for rehearsal and wedding day

Music and Hymns

Before you decide on a hymn, you will need to consider whether your guests will sing or not on the day. A hymn is a sung prayer. If no one will sing the prayer, then is it wise to have one at all? If you feel enough will sing, then the hymn(s) chosen will need to be one(s) they can sing. The wedding fee includes the services of an organist and we are happy to discuss options for more contemporary or recorded music if you would like. These would normally operate on a byo basis.

Pre-Marriage Counselling

We normally insist upon some form of pre-marriage counselling for couples who wish to get married at Newcastle Presbyterian Church. Our Minister can assist you with this or if you wish to do it elsewhere (like your home church) we may be open to this.


Can I bring my own minister/celebrant?
In very rare occasions we may authorise a minister from a similar tradition to ours to take a service at Newcastle Presbyterian church (ie. a wedding). However it certainly should not be assumed that permission will be given. If you are even remotely considering this you should speak to us ASAP so you are not disappointed.

Can we use confetti, bubbles, rice, balloons etc etc?
You can blow bubbles outside if you really want to (perhaps depending on the Covid situation). Littering on the footpath (rice, confetti etc) is frowned upon by council and we’re not big fans of it inside the church building either. You can decorate with balloons inside if you want, but we love turtles and other marine life and hence are not into balloons being released outside.

Can we put candles down the aisle?
If they are real candles and you want to light them then the answer is categorically NO WAY! If you want to do something with LED candles or similar that’s up to you. If you come from a tradition where candles are highly symbolic of something then we will seek to help you find a safe place for them up the front.

Can we decorate the church?
Yep, but if you bring it, you take it away. Certain items of furniture within the church building must not be moved, others can be arranged as you like. Normally we’ll open up for you 2 hours before the ceremony so florists etc can set up. Items must not be left on the church property after the service.

Is the church single aisle or double aisle?
The church has one central aisle. It is a good width for two people to walk down side by side. Occasionally brides wish to be walked down the aisle by their Mother and Father (or something similar). The aisle is not really wide enough for three people to walk down side by side.

Where do I make my payment to?
All payments to St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church.
NAB BSB: 082847
Acc: 450573762
Reference: Wedding/(your name).

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