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8.30am church
8.30am is a more traditional style of church for those who appreciate older hymns. We are a quiet gathering who hear God's word, sing and pray together. Afterwards we enjoy morning tea together (depending on Covid guidelines) as a time to catch up on life and how we're travelling as God's people.

4.30pm church
This church is  all ages and stages; families with little ones, teens, single or newly married, old and young. We value being together, learning together how to follow Jesus, even learning for the first time what it means to know Jesus and therefore to know God. 


What to expect

At MPC, church typically looks like this: 

8.30am is a more reflective and traditional style of church for those who appreciate older hymns. We love to hear from God, to have his word explained, and we love to talk to God too. We don't have a kids' ministry in the morning, but you'll find one at 4pm.

We get together afterwards in the small hall for a cuppa and something to eat. It's a chance to get to know one another, to share our lives, our struggles and joys and encourage one another.

4.30pm is our church catering across the ages. We love to hear from God, to talk to God, and to sing. We try and create space, even in the formal part of church to stop and chat, just to say hello and maybe meet someone new. We're a little bit noisy, but that's what families are like. We have a kids ministry, and we feed the kids dinner (this is in recess because of covid guidelines). After our teaching time, we all hang out over some supper, a cup of tea or coffee.

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