What we believe

The purpose of this page is to paint a picture of the things we at Newcastle Presbyterian hold dear.
They are not simply beliefs, nor are they vision statements or statements of our mission. They are the things we treasure.

These are the core values we hold to no matter what else may come. We love Jesus, we believe he is revealed to us in the bible, we love to talk to God in prayer, we love each other in fellowship and love the world through service. We hope as you read these values you will gain some picture of the heart of our Church community.

Jesus Christ: We love him with the honour due him as the Son of God and second person of the Trinity. We love him with the intimacy made possible by his incarnation (becoming human), as a man with flesh and blood, dreams and fears.

We love him as our Saviour: A Saviour who through his life, death and resurrection defeated the power of Satan (the devil) in our lives and the world, bore the penalty due to us for our rebellion against God, and rose from the dead to conquer death for us and to give us the certain hope of being raised with him to a life unending in a renewed and perfected creation.

We love Jesus as our King: A King who has authority to determine right from wrong, good from evil. A King to whom is owed our obedience and adoration. A King who will come again to rule the world, to establish justice, to establish peace and to renew all things to a state of perfection without decay.

We seek to love Jesus with the force of our wills, the desires of our hearts and the actions of our bodies, striving to obey Him and more and more conform our lives to His will. We believe that the Christian life is one that demands nothing less than our whole selves, and though we still struggle at times to live for Jesus, we press on, trusting in the grace and love of God in Jesus Christ.

The Bible: We believe the bible is God’s authoritative revelation of himself, his ways, his love for humanity and his purposes for this world. We believe that the original manuscripts were inspired by God such that they were without fault in what they intended to reveal and can be trusted even today.
Believing this, we seek to know God better through prayerful, humble and thoughtful engagement with the text of the bible. We recognise that we don’t have a monopoly on God’s truth as revealed in the bible, but we also believe that truth can be found, is certain and must be obeyed. As a consequence we hold our opinions on God, truth and life humbly but firmly, seeking to show love to all while upholding the truth of God.

Prayer:  We believe God is personal and involved in His creation. We believe the Holy Spirit indwells His people and leads them into deeper and closer relationship with God, and prayer is how that relationship unfolds from our side. Prayer is God's blessing to us so we can speak to Him and know He delights to hear from us, to answer us, and to strengthen us through our prayers. Not only so, but speaking to God in prayer is one opportunity to praise and thank God for his many blessings on our lives. Prayer reminds us God is in charge and we are in humble dependence upon Him for all things. 

Prayer is almost exclusively expressed in the bible as to God the Father, through God the Son, in God the Spirit. This, we believe is the most helpful way to understand the prayer life of the believer.

Fellowship: We believe that the Christian life is not an isolated experience, and our faith is not a purely internal one. Rather we are saved into community and called to live our faith out in community. We are people who want to be known. We are known by God even better than we know ourselves. With this in mind we want to live honest, vulnerable lives of love towards one another. We recognise that we all struggle to be the ideal companions on life’s journey and so we extend grace to one another as we better learn to love and live like Jesus together.

We hope if you visit us you will find a place to truly live out the command of our Lord Jesus Christ to: ‘love one another, as God has loved us’ (1 John 4:11).

Mission: We are committed to the mission given by Jesus, of making disciples for Him, from all nations. We do not strive to make disciples who echo any tradition or culture, but disciples whose lives are modeled on Jesus. We therefore teach and live so as best to take the message of Jesus to a world desperately in need of meeting Him, falling in love with Him, and being restored to Him. We believe the mission of Jesus, his death and resurrection for our forgiveness, and His call for us to bow before Him in obedience is the only way for the restoration and renewal of a deeply broken and hurting world.

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